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Eugene A. Rugala —

Eugene A. Rugala & Associates


Mr. Rugala was assigned to the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime (NCAVC), FBI Academy, Quantico, Virginia. Supervisory Special Agent Rugala was assigned to the NCAVC from February of 1995 until his retirement in September of 2005. Prior to retiring from the FBI, Mr. Rugala was Unit Chief of Behavioral Analysis Unit - 1, Threat Assessment and Counter Terrorism.


Mr. Rugala, one of the FBI's “Profilers”, in the unit made famous by the book and movie “The Silence of the Lambs”, and the television show “Criminal Minds” specializes in the detailed behavioral analysis of violent crime to include homicide, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and stalking. These analyses are provided to requesting law enforcement agencies in the form of offender profiles, crime scene analysis, investigative and interview strategies, media and crisis communication strategies and threat assessments. Mr. Rugala also consults with many corporations and universities in developing and implementing procedures and protocols for the prevention of violence in the workplace and in schools to include threat assessment and management services.


Mr. Rugala has participated in ongoing research regarding stalking behavior, serial rape, intimate partner, workplace and school violence. Mr. Rugala has contributed to a number of publications dealing with workplace violence, school violence and stalking behaviors. Mr. Rugala is currently involved in on-going research with the University of Iowa and University of North Carolina Injury Prevention Centers in a NIOSH funded grant to evaluate workplace violence prevention programs in companies throughout the U.S.


Mr. Rugala is a member of the Violence Against Women Online Resources (VAWOR) Rapid Response Project. The Rapid Response Project is a collaborative project between Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse (MINCAVA) at the University of Minnesota and the Office on Violence Against Women (OVW) of the U.S. Department of Justice. The Project will help ensure that accurate research and interpretations of issues related to violence against women quickly reach key media and policy makers. Working with a national network of experts, including both researchers and advocates, the Project will gather research, identify key findings and create talking points for use by OVW staff and other national organizations working to end violence against women. Mr. Rugala is also a national advisory board member of the Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence, a group of Fortune 500 companies who have come together to raise awareness and suggest strategies for companies to deal with intimate partner violence and it’s impact on the workplace.


Mr. Rugala has testified before the Committee on Education and the Workforce, U.S. House of Representatives regarding workplace violence as a problem in America's workplaces; has testified before the judiciary committees of the Maryland State House and Senate regarding stalking behaviors on behalf of the Maryland Family Violence Council sponsoring revised stalking legislation; provided expert testimony in several trials dealing with assessing dangerousness in stalking and intimate partner violence; has been a guest lecturer at numerous corporate conferences on workplace violence and at police schools throughout the United States, including the FBI National Academy, as well as police schools in England, France, Germany, Australia, Japan and the former Soviet Union.


Mr. Rugala has consulted with the Protection Detail of the British Royal Family regarding Public Figure and Celebrity Stalkers. Mr. Rugala has also consulted with members of New Scotland Yard regarding mass murder, specifically as it applies to workplace and school violence. Mr. Rugala has been interviewed by various media organizations regarding intimate partner violence, stalking, workplace and school violence, sexual assault, as well as other violent crime issues.


Mr. Rugala is a graduate of the Beaufort, South Carolina’s Senior Leadership Program sponsored by Clemson University, is a past member of Beaufort County’s Affordable Housing Consortium and the city of Beaufort’s Redevelopment Commission. Mr. Rugala was also on the board of directors for Hope Haven, the local child advocacy and rape crisis center, and CODA, Citizens Opposed to Domestic Abuse, the local domestic violence shelter, which provides support services to victims of domestic violence.


Mr. Rugala holds a Bachelor's degree in Biology from Penn State University and has attended graduate school in Public Administration at the University of New Mexico.


Mr. Rugala had been a special agent with the FBI for 26 years and was previously assigned to FBI offices in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Fayetteville, North Carolina, Washington, D.C. and Quantico, Va.


Mr. Rugala can be reached at 843-522-2003 or by email

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